equipo1okAfter finishing our hospitality degree, we worked for four years in different restaurants and hotels around the world, gaining experiences, and knowledge from other cultures before opening our own enterprise.

Rogelio was born in Durango (Mexico), and cooking is his main passion; that is why we decided to open a restaurant with the typical food of this amazing country, adapting to the nowadays taste but maintaining the authenticity of the Mexican dishes, with affordable prices, that doesn't compromise the quality of our products.
This is how GAVE MX became a reality!!! It's our own project, which has nothing to do with franchises and Tex Mex restaurants!!! It's ur own challenge, where we bring everyday our best!

It hasn´t been easy to reflect on this small place of Paseo Abel Matutes Juan, all the ideas that crossed our minds, but finally -we think- that we have manage to bring a small piece of Mexico to Ibiza!!

Yaiza Salmeron y Rogelio Corral.